Bali Nutra

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Bali Nutra Coconut Nectar is harvested from the blossoms of coconut trees without harming the tree or affecting its ability to produce coconuts. A tradition that has kept the indigenous islanders vibrant and healthy for centuries.

Our aim is to give the maximum nutritional benefit whilst maintaining a ecofriendly effect on the island for the crop to be harvested, ethically and responsibly. We are dedicated to provide a high standard of quality, from 3 years of trading we have had 1 customer complaint from Planet Organic and we happily provided 2 bottles in exchange, customer satisfaction is a top of our priority.

Bali Nutra’s Coconut Nectar (Syrup) is certified EU Organic from 20th June 2016, by EU accredited certifying body BioCert (ID-BIO-121). Bali Nutra has always been 100% Natural, harvested from local farmers on the East Coast of Bali, who have each been given an induction on organic farming and participate in regular seminars on the benefits and practices of organic farming. In essence being free from pesticides and chemical and harvesting in an ecofriendly method, which we believe is our core responsibility.