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CHAIN BIN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD , one of the leading export company for specialty car repair tools , hand tools and air tools trade company in Taiwan . Our company was established in 1992 and has been in the automotive special service tools , hand tools and air tools business for over 30 years experience . During these years , we have been servicing thousands and thousands of satisfied clients in the world .

1, the principle of trust is that the trustee should do his duty, be careful and try his best to safeguard and strive for the interests of the company.2, the principle of property rights is the core of individual and social welfare, and is the ultimate standard to test any moral system.3, the principle of reliability, which means to be cautious when making commitments, not committed beyond their ability to do things, at the same time to earnestly fulfill the voluntary contract and voluntary commitments of other obligations.4, the principle of transparency, which is the core concept of honesty and respect for the truth, which has been regarded as the most basic moral integrity since ancient times.5, respect for human dignity principle may be the starting point of all ethical thinking, its basic content includes the protection of health, safety, emotion and privacy, prohibition of humiliation, coercion and other violations of basic human rights behavior.6, fairness principle is always the core of moral thought, its importance is to promote cooperation, guarantee legitimacy and ensure the survival of the group, and equal treatment is one of its core ideas.7, the most basic civic responsibility of the principle of civic responsibility is law abiding, in addition to the maintenance of "public goods", that is, common and indivisible goods, such as natural environment, public space and legitimate government.8, the response principle is willing to communicate with other parties that may be affected by the company's activities or have legitimate reasons for concern (even without such rights).