Renew System

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Leakage of concrete structures was one of the biggest headaches of the construction industry. Even though it is possible to prevent leakage once, but it usually happens again before long. Such repeated maintenance for the leakage will further destroy structures and cost more, creating a vicious cycle.

According to the analysis of conventional waterproofing agents conducted to develop a new product that can solve this problem, we found that all waterproofing agents analyzed were standardized curable adhesive type, which has various problems such as poor curing when constructed in winter, poor adhesive on wet surface, breaking and flaking off by the behavior of concrete, etc.

Based on the analysis results, we set up critical conditions for new product development to be abided by. The conditions are “it should not be hardened, it should have a self-healing function, it should be capable of bonding wet or moist surfaces and it should be easy to maintain.” With these four prerequisites in mind, we studied the type of new products we develop and concluded that we need to develop flexible bond type waterproofing agent with durability, not curable adhesive type waterproofing agent, getting over the existing stereotypes. We, therefore, started development of Turbo-Seal, a flexible bond type waterproofing agent, from 1995 with manpower supported under the firm university-industry cooperation as well as internal research manpower, completing the development in 1998 and we established Renew System in the following year.

We, Renew System, was designated as a company that developed a top 2013 KOREA’s 10 Best New Technologies and are now competing with leading large companies in the technical field.

The award of KOREA’s 10 Best New Technologies is given to a company that developed a new technology for the first time in the world. We developed a new technology with a technology title named “world’s first technology for manufacturing 1 liquid type non-hardened waterproofing membrane composition using waste rubber”, which was selected as a new technology by the government on Nov 12, 2013 and were honored to receive the Special Award in the KOREA’s 10 Best New Technologies

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